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High School State Championships

Open to all snowboarders and skiers (except no SL & GS for skiers) in grades 7-12.  All private, public and home school students are eligible, and no need to be part of a team to participate..

No minimum number of students to form a school team.  Awards will be presented to both individual and teams.

If we don't have pre-registration for an entire class (ie - Freeski Rail Jam), we will not provide trophies, instead we'll provide certificates.


Halfpipe @ Buck Hill - January 26 

Alpine @ Buck Hill - February 22:

9:00-9:15am Registration

9:30-9:45am Slalom Inspection 

9:45am Start of Slalom

10:45-11:00am GS Inspection

11:00am Start of GS

11:45am Awards

Slopestyle & Rail Jam  @ Hyland-  FEB 22  (to follow USASA Rail Jam, 9am-12pm)

12:30-2:00pm Check-in

12:35-12:55pm Slopestyle Heat #1 Warm Up (snowboard boys)

12:55pm Slopestyle Competitor Meeting (bottom of park)

1:00-2:10pm Slopestyle Heat #1 (snowboard boys)

2:10-2:20pm Slopestyle Heat #2 Warm Up (skiers and snowboard girls)

2:20-2:50pm Slopestyle Heat #2 (skiers and snowboard girls)

2:45pm Rail Jam Competitor Meeting (bottom of park)

2:50-3:00pm Rail Jam Heat #1 Warm Up (snowboard boys)

3:00-3:15pm Rail Jam Heat #1 (snowboard boys)

3:15-3:25pm Rail Jam Heat #2 Warm Up (skiers and snowboard girls)

3:25-3:40pm Rail Jam Heat #2 (skiers and snowboard girls)

4:00pm Awards (in front of the park)

Boardercross/Skiercross @ Buck Hill - February  23 (after USASA BX/SX event, 9am-1pm)

12:45-1:00pm Registration

12:55pm Competitor Meeting (at the registration area)

1:00-1:15pm Inspection

1:15-1:30pm Practice

1:30pm Time Trials (one run)

2:00-2:40pm Brackets for all competitors

3:00pm Awards in front of chalet

Lettering Riders :   Lettering students are required to at least compete in one event.

Rules : We apply the rules from the current USASA rulebook to our event and have reserved the right to modify any rule(s).

This is not sanctioned by the MSHSL, we have just taken on this initiative to champion this sport and recognize top athletes in these amazing sports.